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I had the pleasure to do the wedding photography for Gary & Louise in Marbella, Spain recently. I have known Gary & Louise for some time having photographed their lovely sons on a number of occasions. I was also there when Gary proposed in Barbados, as I was covering his brother’s wedding!

The Bajan Proposal

As Gary’s Dad said, I have covered some miles with their family!

When I cover a foreign wedding, I like to ‘reccie’ the venues first, so I went to the practice at La Virginia Church.  It’s a beautiful little church which looks for all the world like it has been there forever – even though it is, in fact, quite new!  I knew that it would be a squeeze to fit all the guests into the church – and also knew that it was going to be very hot!  The reception was to be held at the Don Carlos Leisure Resort and Spa in Marbella – which is a fantastic hotel!

Before the church service, there was a mad dash to Gibraltar for the official wedding.  Off I went in a minibus with the immediate family.  At the border we dived into taxis and set off to the very colonial registry office.  Gibraltar is so busy compared with Spain.  Cars and motorbikes everywhere jamming the little streets.  Once we arrived, we rushed straight in.  Bish, bash, bosh – married!  Now, where to celebrate it?!  Not saying Gary was flying by the seat of his pants, but he was arranging things on the go!  Quick bottle of champagne at a local bar – with probably the world’s most miserable waitress!  Then a long and VERY hot walk back to the border to meet our minibus man.  Off we go again – Gary is phoning people to find out where they should go to eat.  Now, as it turned out, he hit the jackpot.  A really nice grill on the outskirts of Marbella – sorted! Nice meal and back to the Don Carlos for the evening drinks reception. Here’s a little slideshow of the Gibraltar run!

Here’s a snippet of the chilled out pre-wedding drinks at the Don Carlos.

Of course, the main event was the next day and, as usual, I was with them for the build up, bobbing between the bride and the gathering  guests.

It sometimes gets a bit crowded in the bride’s room.  Hair -Louise flew out Richard Phillipart from The Boutique in Great Sutton, Make-up artist, bridesmaids, kids, baby sitters, Dad and of course, me!

Louise looked absolutely fabulous in her Suzanne Neville dress (Rio) and, when the time came, her Dad proudly walked her through the hotel and into the wedding car.  Whoops!  Half way to the church, Louise realised that she didn’t have her flowers so it was back to the hotel!

Gary and the guests were slowly cooking as we arrived in the full afternoon sun. The service was lovely – a bit of a tear jerker!  Then, back to the Don Carlos for the Reception, food, speeches, and entertainment!

The food was excellent and the speeches highly entertaining.  In Marbella they know how to cut a cake! ( An excellent cake – or should I say cakes, from Cake Marbella). Not just some cake knife – no, no, no – a sword!

Evening entertainment was provided by Bruno Mariano who came over from Portugal giving us plenty of Rat Pack songs and a smooth Jazz style, as well as Louise singing a special song for Gary.  The bride singing to the groom – and for that matter the bride and bridesmaids singing, sounds unusual, but not when you realise that together they are SUPERSISTER with a hit record “Coffee”!!!

Next day a chill out with a couple of hours at Nikki Beach – poseurs paradise!

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!