It was a pleasure to do the wedding photography for Caroline and Stuart in Sheffield.   A lovely service at Ecclesall Church followed by a quick windswept photoshoot in the Peak District.  When I say windswept, I mean gail force with horizontal rain!  Caroline and Stuart wanted a special picture of their wedding and had asked if we could stop off in between Ecclesall Church and Hassop Hall.  As the storm clouds brewed in the sky, I asked again…”do you still want to do it?”   “Yes” was the reply, so we got the vintage Rolls Royce in position and went for it.  It was so windy that I had to retrieve the brides veil from a field after it had blown away!  Quite comical actually.  Especially when we got them out of the rain and into the car and the driver wanted me to hold his champagne glasses so he could pour them a drink!  Within a few seconds, the glasses are being filled with rain water and I am literally soaked to the skin!  Thankfully Caroline took pity on me and refused the drink so I could dash back to the car and shelter from the storm!

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