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Good things come to those who wait…isn’t that what they say?  Well Alan waited…and waited and waited and waited.  He wasn’t to know that Suzanne was all ready and set to go!  Just waiting for a guest to arrive.  Kept him on his toes though.  The Registrar was having kittens – getting his knickers in a twist!

Mind you Alan didn’t wait to propose…whoosh, New York, Empire State building, job done!  If Concorde was still flying he would have been on it!

Well she was worth waiting for.  I love seeing the groom’s jaw drop as he sees his bride.  Alan was no exception as Suzanne glided down the aisle in her gorgeous Augusta Jones dress (Carli by Augusta Jones, from Freya Bridal in Sheffield).

Now this was a giggly wedding.  Lots of laughs despite the weather! Rain, Sun, rain – english summer all in one afternoon.

Nobody cared.  Especially as Elvis chimed up.  Did you know Elvis was alive?  Yeah living in Wakefield, England, apparently and doing a sterling job of getting people dancing – yeah …thank ya very much!