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It’s lovely to get to see a family grow up.  I covered Axel & Gemma’s wedding at Rowsley in Derbyshire some years ago when their eldest, Sam, was baptised at the same time.  Now we have had two additions who were both baptised at Bakewell Parish Church on Sunday.  Ruben only just made it as he was late being born!  It was a beautiful spring day – if you’re ever planning your holiday find out when Axel & Gemma are going – they are always lucky with the weather!

It’s generally true isn’t it?  Little girls are made from sugar and spice and all things nice!  Here’s a coupe of little gems from shoots this week.

It’s great to candidly shoot brides trying on wedding dresses.  You can really see when it is ‘the dress’ – their face lights up completely!  Even though the brides-to-be are still rationally wondering ‘is it right?’ you just know that emotionally, subconsciously, they are in love with the dress!  I would love to show you what I mean but I can’t because husbands-to-be might see what they have chosen!!!

When you need somewhere to stay that’s stylish and cost effective – these apartments can be a good option.  The new development at Sharrow Point in Sheffield is designed by award winning architects and offers a really cool place to stay that’s convenient for Ecclesall Road, the Universities, and city centre.  We were asked to produce some images for KSpace who offer  apartments fully managed.

This weeks unlikely studio was a wall outside the Aagrah indian restaurant in Sheffield.  Why?  Well surgeons are busy people and getting them all together is a rare event – even then they didn’t all get there!  So when they needed images for their new website we had to set up shop outside so we could photograph them before they ordered their bhajis.  The images weren’t blue because of the sub zero temperatures – we needed blue for the background (its a design thing).  This is Paul.  He is king of the knee!

For some time now I have been going along to a bumps and babies group in Sheffield.  I went again yesterday to candidly photograph all the babies..well doing what babies do!  I think it’s amazing that some babies, even before they can talk, mimic you.  Sometimes they spot you and I make like a goldfish…come on mum’s you know what I mean..moving your mouth up and down like a gulping fish!  It’s not long before one of the babies is copying.  Another thing I sometimes do, is close my eyes in an exaggerated blink..before you know it they are doing the same.  I feel like they are communicating…maybe they are saying “what an idiot” but I feel like they are talking to me.  Mum very often doesn’t even know!  Mind you, you have to be careful as every time they see you they can close their eyes.  Not good for taking photos!  Not all kids do it; some are too pre-occupied but it’s fun when it happens.  I suppose that’s how baby signing works.  Aren’t kids amazing?!