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Oh yes we may have just got over Christmas but at Flowers Direct they are busy putting their Mother’s Day and Spring collection together.   We set up a studio in the building and they bring arrangements to be photographed there and then.  Any tweaking or alterations can be done on site by their florist and of course especially with fresh produce, there is no hanging around!

Just before Christmas we did a fashion shoot at Freya Bridal on Rustlings Road, Sheffield.  Thanks to the lovely Tanasity and Jade for modelling the various dresses from Suzanne Neville, Sassi Holford , Kate Sherford etc. etc.!!  Of course thanks to all other people too..Emma for letting us take over the shop, Katie Peckett for the flowers and Jo for the make-up!

The snow came down and came down some more for Chris and Jackie’s Wedding last Saturday.  The day started pretty casually with the make-up lady braving the snow – then off to the hair stylists to meet a friendly puppy.  All the time Chris is calling Jackie on her mobile to check this and that and to be honest is making her nervous.  The champagne helped calm things down I think!

The car arrived on-time  and whisked Jackie off to The Cutlers Hall in Sheffield.  Meanwhile Chris is greeting guests carrying Ugg boots for the journey home!

It was a lovely ceremony with a vicar with the broadest accent I have heard for ages.  I could have swore she said “ey’up me ducks!”

Anyway all went well and everyone said “i do” and “we will” etc etc in all the right places so off they went into the main hall.  The Cutlers Hall main ballroom is a fantastic place.  A tribute to the craftsmanship and quality of Sheffield worfkmanship.  I have added a link to the Cutlers Hall if you are interested in its history and general splendour!

Following a hearty meal and a series of fantastic speeches  (I have to say Chris’s was the best grooms speech I have ever heard/seen) it was onto the dance-floor for a serious boogie!

Hi I thought it was about time I had a blog to keep everyone up to date with all the latest at Capture My Life