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This was an entrance that had everyone laughing, and I mean crying with laughter – which was kind of the theme of the whole Bev and Suzanne wedding weekend!

Imagine everyone sitting, fanning themselves with their order of service trying to keep cool in the library of the lovely Swinton Park Hotel in North Yorkshire.  The Most Reverend Jonathan Blake, quietly entered the room, welcomed everyone, and then announced the couple.  The traditional wedding march chimed up for a few bars then, “zrrrrp”, it stopped,  followed by “Here Come The Girls”, loud and proud!  The Bishop then launched into an amazing funky dance routine!  Not just a little jig, oh no, this was a full-on routine followed by Suzanne and Bev and their respective brothers.  Talk about making an entrance – this was brilliant!

What with guided walks, horse riding, shooting, falconry and of course, more partying, this was an action-packed weekend.  Party on Beverley and Suzanne!